Discovery Kiteboarder Program - The best way to discover Kiteboarding!

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Discovery Kiteboarder Program - The best way to discover Kiteboarding!

Post  David Furchtgott on Wed Jun 25, 2008 7:24 pm

Discovery Kiteboarder Program

The best way to discover Kiteboarding!

Discover Kiteboarding and elevate your water sports experience! The IKO Kiteboarding programs are designed to help you learn in a safe way. Your IKO instructor will respect your rythm and take you through all the steps to reach your goals.

Your level will be certified with your IKO Kiteboarder Card at the end of your lesson, or you can move on to the next level of riding!


Kiteboarder Level 1:

Level 1A

Can determine safe conditions for training site and is able to identify hazards through a spot assessment.
Can set-up the trainer kite* (inflatable or foil). Understands and can simulate use of its safety systems.

*a kite that doesn't have enough power to make the student fall
Level 1B

Can launch and land the trainer kite with an assistant.
Can demonstrate basic flying skills with trainer kite: control the kite on the edge of the wind window and use the powerzone and specific flying patterns on request.
Can twist and untwist the lines while flying and is able to walk and change directions with the kite flying.
Level 1C

Can set-up 4/5-line kite with a full depower system including pre-flight checks and ground handling.
Understands and can use the international communication signs.
Can assist for launching and landing. Can launch and land the kite to an assistant (4/5-line depower kite).
Level 1D

Can control the kite hooked into the harness, understands the depower system and can use the safety systems.
Can demonstrate advanced flying skills with the depower kite (foil or inflatable that can easily be relaunched from the water), showing full control of depower systems in flight.
Can recover the bar and kite, can perform kite self landing.
Level 1E

Can enter and exit the water independently and safely while controlling the kite.
Can water relaunch a kite.
Can perform first bodydrag. bounce bounce bounce bounce

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