Intermediate Kiteboarder Program

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Intermediate Kiteboarder Program

Post  David Furchtgott on Wed Jun 25, 2008 7:25 pm

Intermediate Kiteboarder Program

Once you complete this program, you will start riding on the board. You will be ready to continue to the next level of riding and become an independant kiteboarder!

Kiteboarder Level 2:

Level 2F

Can bodydrag downwind showing an understanding of the correct kite position in the wind window.
Can show change of direction to the left and right when bodydragging, using correct kite positioning.
Can recover the kite and bar in the water.
Level 2G

Can recover board by bodydragging.
Can bodydrag one handed and use the board to bodydrag upwind.
Can enter and exit at the same point body dragging.
Is able to demonstrate the power stroke as for a water start.
Level 2H

Can demonstrate an understanding of weather forecast, tidal- and wind effects.
Can determine the wind strength, direction and quality.
Knows the right of way rules.
Level 2I

Knows how to set up a board and ability to choose the right type for specific conditions.
Knows safety rules and theory for water start.
Is able to choose and maintain riding direction. Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

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