Accidente con QUIllas

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Accidente con QUIllas

Post  David Furchtgott on Fri Jul 04, 2008 7:50 pm


Gory photo of a deep 5cm/19stitches fin-cut to my chin above.

How it all went down... Factor in a good dose of sleep deprivation

Conditions: 20-30kts (avg28) close fetch, short period 4ft swell (2m).

Location: Harbour entrance sand-bar with 6-8kt seaward current. Shallow sand-bar breakers with heaps of suck.

Equipment: 5m Generator, 6'3" surfboard (helmet, impact vest)

Situation: Unexpectedly dropped kite in the impact zone (bit of a long story). The kite was down with a tucked wing from the wave that hit it as it went down. I was not using a board-leash, so with a useless kite - down on suicide leash - the first thing I did was swim the 2 meters back upwind & grab my board. I tried to attach a temporary leash to the board so i could concentrate on relaunching the kite. I was not successfull attaching the leash inbetween the whitewater hits & a couple of drags from the kite in the waves. During one of the rumblings /drags I got while trying hold my board I hit my chin with my rear fin. After I got washed to the inside a bit, a wingtip popped back up ,so I relaunched & dragged back to my board, kited back in & off to the doc to get stitched up.

Thoughts: I have alot of experience out in these conditions & done multiple self-rescues & countless relaunches. I didn't get my temporary board-leash on quick enough ( I should/could have been riding with it already attached ). Why bother about the board you might ask? Well there was a good chance my kite was going to become a useless deflated/ tangled bundle of rags/lines & my surfboard would've been my only way back - that or a looong swim ( that I have done a few times in the TT past but never want to repeat if I can help it. )

Anyways after all the postings about board leashes I thought I'd put this out there.... I sometimes use a board leash when I'm riding rocky points & reefs & big far awaay outer-breaks. I mostly ride with out a leash.

Sometimes I reckon It's ones of those "screwed if you do & screwed if you dont" catch-22 calls.[img][/img]

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